Collection: Jules Collection Customized Battle Beasts & Repaints

Welcome to Jules Customized Battle Beasts, where artistic expression meets collectible treasures. Explore my collection, featuring:

  • Repaints: Discover one-of-a-kind creations that breathe new life into classic Battle Beasts, each boasting its own distinct personality.

  • Painted Battle Beast Redux line: Unleash your imagination with our exquisite line of painted Battle Beasts, where artistry knows no boundaries.

  • The Jules Collection (A limited collection of 25 per figure)

1) Rotten Rottie (3 of 25) 2) Jilted Jackalope (2 of 25) 3) Shadow Goat (2 of 25)

4) Cardinal of Chaos (2 of 25) 5) Berserker Blue Jay (2 of 25) 6) Danger Doe (2 of 25)

With more to come! 

Step into a realm of creativity and support Julian's artistic endeavors.